The Joy of Not Kneading—Brioche, In This Case

Homemade No-Knead Brioche Loaf

Homemade No-Knead Brioche Loaf

Two joys, really:

Joy 1: The loaf that results from using the recipe for No-Knead Brioche Dough that Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot include in their delicious, heady book, Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work.

Joy 2: Finding that exact recipe legitimately online, so I can share it with you. Scroll down this Barnes & Noble page until you get to "Recipes" and there it is.

Yes, I plan on tweaking the recipe slightly next time I make it (I'll try a bit less butter, and a tiny, tiny bit more dough-folding), but even on Take 1, the recipe added sweet, eggy, buttery happiness to our household. Made with Weisenberger flour, Elmwood Stock Farm eggs, and homemade Kentucky butter, it's a pure Bluegrass take on one of the great foods from La Belle France.

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