To Market To Market To Buy Some Sweet Sorghum

Romanesca Cauliflower

Romanesca Cauliflower

Have you ever seen anything like this Romanesca cauliflower? Do you find it as awe-inspiring as I do?

I had never heard of this architectural edible, but intrepid friend Matthew Adam Rosen has no fear of stalking the wild asparagus, the alien Hubbard squash, or the pointy-spired Romanesca.

Matthew wrote recently of his trip to the Greenmarket at Union Square in New York City. That visit turned up more than one unusual cauliflower, as you will see in the photo gallery and short description here. I put these items on their own page so those of you who are receiving this post by email or feed reader will have a better chance to see Matthew's wonderful photos and see the little food story they tell.

That story ends sweetly, as all good stories should. And the denouement includes sorghum, which I find quite a surprise ending for a New York City tale.

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Photo credit: Matthew Adam Rosen