Eating for a Cause: Two Upcoming Harvest Meals

Outdoor harvest meal, Slow Food Bluegrass at Waldeck Farm, Crestwood, Kentucky, 2007

Outdoor harvest meal, Slow Food Bluegrass at Waldeck Farm, Crestwood, Kentucky, 2007

Happy September! Kentucky's harvest continues, and with it, plans for special food events that celebrate Kentucky's astonishing abundance.

Two more opportunities are coming in late September, each for a good cause. You have time to buy tickets and enjoy happy anticipation for the intervening weeks.

Eating outdoors at Happy Jack Pumpkin Farm, Holly Hill Inn cooking, Kentucky, 2007

Eating outdoors at Happy Jack Pumpkin Farm, Holly Hill Inn cooking, Kentucky, 2007

On Thursday, September 23, the inventive Food Literacy Project at Louisville's edge will pair chefs and farms for a six-course (in-door) meal to raise funds to build an outdoor kitchen on Oxmoor Farm. Here's why, in two steps:

The Food Literacy Project provides farm-based experiential education and entrepreneurial youth development programs that bring the Field-to-Fork experience to life for local youth. (from the Food Literacy Project website)

Proceeds from the event will help develop an outdoor kitchen on Oxmoor Farm where Food Literacy Project participants can create recipes with farm-fresh vegetables. Plans for the space include a simple shade structure with a sink, prep tables, and utensils for participatory cooking. (From event information provided by the Food Literacy Project)

Board member Deb Reese Hall says chefs for this event will include Dallas McGarity of Equus and Michael Hargrove of L&N Bistro, along with several top instructors from Louisville's culinary schools.

Tickets are $75. Buy your tickets by September 19. To pay by cash or check, please call the Food Literacy Project at 502-491-0072.

Outdoor eating at Three Springs Farm, Kentucky, 2009

Outdoor eating at Three Springs Farm, Kentucky, 2009

On Saturday, September 25, the Autumn Blossom Banquet -- a four-course meal served in locally made dishes that will go home with the diners -- will take place in Wilder, Kentucky. The purpose of the dinner is celebrate local food and local art, contribute to Slow Food USA, and benefit organic Blue Sky Farm, which is located on the grounds of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg in Villa Hills, Kentucky. From the event website:

Blue Sky Farm is dedicated to providing the best quality local organic food so that  the people, their communities, and the land are all nourished simultaneously.

About the meal: Blue Sky farm is providing the organic, sustainably grown produce for the four-course meal. Tickets cost $100/person.

Each serving is paired with its own uniquely designed dish made by local ceramicists Bethany Kramer and Tony Bove.  When the meal is finished, the dishes are cleaned, and the same set you ate from ' valued at $75! ' is packed up and ready for you to take home that night!

Any time I have a special Kentucky harvest meal on my calendar, I look forward to it. I'm not the only one, as Elizabeth Fasolino describes in today's Wall Street Journal. Perhaps in the dry western U.S. climes that originated dining outside on farmland,or in vineyards and orchards decades ago, one can grow tired of these dinners. Here, though, these events are fresh enough to keep lots of us interested. Sitting in soft Kentucky evening air to eat amazing Kentucky foods prepared by awesome Kentucky cooks and chefs -- delicious. It's great that Kentucky farms, chefs, and advocacy groups are creating more of these beautiful experiences.

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