Sweet Corn's Sweeter in the .....Microwave!

Kentucky Corn, Beans, Cucumbers

Kentucky Corn, Beans, Cucumbers

Very simple, very quick: microwaved corn on the cob just became my new favorite method, against all odds and against my anti-microwave sentiments. I got this idea from the people who live in Gourmandistan, where it sounds as if microwaves have few other uses. Until now, I've viewed the microwaves as a particularly fine tool for making caramel sauce according to the recipe in Barbara Kafka's Microwave Gourmet -- and that's about it.

In any case, please try microwaving an ear of corn, or more, but one at a time: 1.5 minutes for one ear, apparently covered by a damp paper towel, then desilked, buttered if you like, salted if you like, and eaten. I misunderstood the guidance and desilked, buttered, salted before microwaving an ear of Briary Creek Farms "Ambrosia." I can recommend this approach, too. The corn was even better, even more flavorful, even more corn-y, than corn cooked with the quick steam method we have been using this summer.

And some people think reading blogs is a waste of time! This one little find is quite likely to change my life in a cornward direction. I'll be far more likely to eat a couple of ears of corn for lunch any time I want, instead of waiting for a big shucking experience with multiple ears of corn for dinner a couple of time a week during the season.

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