Kentucky Abuzz: Bee in Squash Blossom

Kentucky Abuzz: Bee in Squash Blossom

Welcome to all the friends we haven't yet met from the more than 60 countries that will take part in the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

In 116 Savory Kentucky Bites, we offer something fine from the great banquet of Kentucky food topics each day from June 15, 2010 -- 100 days before the World Equestrian Games begin -- through the Games' closing day, October 10, 2010.

As always, Savoring Kentucky celebrates Kentucky's foods, food ways, farms, farmers, food workers, restaurants -- and anything else that boasts tasty Bluegrass roots.

For the 116 Savory Bits, we follow these guidelines:

  1. We intend to be brief: about 100 words a day.
  2. We have room for lots of "greats." These 116 topics reflect the abundance of wonderful food-related parts of Kentucky life, not a "best of" competition.
  3. We welcome suggestions and nominations for topics. We may or may not be able to use all nominated topics.
  4. We'll see how it goes, and adjust if needed.
  5. We intend to have fun with this.